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Aqua Energizer Aqua Energizer

Rated 4 / 5 stars


It was fun until LEVEL 7.
Then it started getting too complicated and I just so happen to have a short temper when it comes to frustration.

The Steady Hand Game The Steady Hand Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Needs More Cheat Proofing!

Hey, here's one tip, make the game FULLY cheat proof, cause all you have to do is put your pointer in the corner, then press TAB and that will activate the start button, and then roll your pointer onto the "Finish" with out rolling onto the other lines, it worked for me, check out the scoreboard on thier site. Anyways great game, too bad im a low life cheater though ;)

Brainy Optical Illusions Brainy Optical Illusions

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This has been done before...

I've seen this done better before. But none-the-less this IS kinda cool. The one where you had to tilt your head 90 degrees was hard, you should have said "Tilt your head 45 degrees so that your chin points at the bottom left hand corner of the screen, or you could have made a button that turns the image for you. If you are to make a sequel, make more illusions, some kind of database that you walk around in or some kind of organization instead of "Next" all the time, and add some trippy music or relaxing music. Thats all I have to say.

Ballz (NG Ver) Ballz (NG Ver)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simple, yet strangly fun...

Hmmm... I never though that click on a square for 10 min straight could be so fun! Why didn't anyone think of this before!? The physics could be improved though... and there could be backgrounds and more pick-ups... but im sure all that shit is on the FULL game but im to lazy to go there and play that. Well here's what I achevied : SCORE-20270, LEVEL-5, GAME TIME-2482
I don't know if that's good or not but it sure was FUN! pHiL

Max demo v1.0 Max demo v1.0

Rated 4 / 5 stars

umm... you're not 12!!

In your comment section it says "god damn im only 12" BUT in you profiles section it says you're 14!
Oh ya you made a nice game. The code was a little easy to find on the bar boards (creative though!)
The deaths were kinda stupid but the free range was kinda cool. (a whole bunch of buttons all over a board (you should of used a system like but 15 buttons on a invisible square then fit those squares like tiles) but over all its just what i'd expect from a clever 14 year old (me being 13 myself my games aren't much better, try Indiana Bones part 1 which I made when I was eleven) but keep up the good work and fix the deaths...

scottcartoon responds:

IAM 12 its just if i put im 12 on my profile it doent accept

y my 6th movie y my 6th movie

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Could of been better...

Alright game but could be better. Actually you game was similar to a game I was making once called SPIRIT HUNTER which never made it to newgrounds becase I lost it when I upgraded to Win 98. Anyways your game was barely worth the file size. My game was 500k same zombie graphics, better house graphics and 3 times as long (and fun) The keys were a little to hard and frustrating to find (very annoying) and you pre-loader should be fixed. (it says 100% loaded even though its STILL loading.) I looked everwhere for something to click on to start it. I mean there has to be SOMETHING wrong when your score is lower than my worst (and first) Stick Click movie
"INDIANA BONES PART 1" try it out!!! But even so you still are a talented artist... you just need to work on your programming to re-duce file size. GOOD-JOB (for you) pHiL A.K.A (MR.MAN)

Violet-AIM responds:

I have mixed feelings about your review. First, thanks for giving me a review. I have to say that I don't like you making comparisons between our flash movies/games, no offense to you personally. You said that your first flash "INDIANA BONES PART 1" did better than my flash. Well, that isn't true. I checked it just now, you're at 2.80 with 710 votes, submitted 7/23/00. First, it's different comparing movies which have been on that long to movies that just appeared on for one day. Also, if you didn't notice, I have TWO parts to my movie. As of now, my 1st part (2.74) did worse (rating-wise) than my 2nd part(3.06). So if you want to get so technical about ratings, my 2nd part(3.06) did better rating-wise than your INDIANA BONES(2.80), so you are wrong that your ratings are better than mine.
It doesn't matter, I don't know why you care so much about ratings, when ratings do not necessarily mean that you are so good at flash. I've seen pieces of shit get a 3.0 something just cause the "audience" like it. I saw a stick man movie, cheesy animation, no sound, 15 sec., which has a 3.0 rating, just cause it is that way. It's obvious that some people like my movies/games and some people don't. The people who don't like it often vote "0's", and believe me, "0's" do weigh down a score. Sure, it's possible to put together a funny mp3 file with gif images and get the same rating I got, but why would I, would I be so proud of myself? Do I want to do a long STICK FIGURE movie like you did for INDIANA BONES and get your score? Naw, I'll do it my own way. So what if my movies/games don't appeal to every person. It's my art/my style!!
Now, about that SPIRIT HUNTER game you did and got lost...well, I'm not gonna argue about that, I'll take your word for it. But, how can you say that you have better zombie graphics, house graphics, 3 times as long, and more fun, when you can't prove it. As far as the graphics part are concerned, I'm not going to go bragging or comparing who is the better artist, but from what I saw, your INDIANA BONES flash was a stick figure movie, so I have YET to see you draw with detailed graphics. As far as my file size went, true, I could improve my programming skills, but making interactivity like that did add to the file size(as well as sound), and how do I know you if you really put so much into your zombie movie. If it was just a shooter game, with a single weapon, shooting down copies and copies of the same zombie, sure, it could easily be 500K. You're entitled to your own opinions, just don't get so arrogant. Make comparisons, if you must, with justifiable reasons, not ones that I can easily disprove. The keys were easy to find for some people, hard for some people, so it's a matter of opinion. Okay, I'll change the preloader next time.